Uses of Pole Barns in Manhattan, KS and How to Get One

by | Nov 7, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance


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If you are looking for an economical way to build storage places and sheds either for livestock, agricultural products or any other purpose, pole barns are readily available in Manhattan, KS. Many people know how economical these buildings are and that is why they are very popular these days. With various pole barn designs, one can choose to build a fully functional storage facility or barn. These buildings are very easy to install and they can be used for different purposes. What are the uses of the pole barn and how can you get yours? This article will answer these questions respectively.

How to build a Pole Barn

As mentioned earlier, pole barns are very easy to install. You can build or get one and use it as a local market shed, a storage facility, garage or a place for keeping animals and other products. There are various types of pole barn design but you will have to follow the same process when erecting the structure. Below are lists of materials you will need.

* Small and big hammer

* Shovel

* Small and big carpenter’s saw

* Electric drill

* Lumber or wood

* Quality nails and bolts

* Door and window frames

* Wall frames or wooden panels

* Metal or wood panels for roofing

Above are the major materials you will need to erect a pole barn. Other materials may be required to add various designs and style to your barn. If you have these major materials with you, then you can start the building process. The first process would be to dig deep holes to insert already polished hard woods. Make sure the hole is deep enough and wide enough with respect to the size of the wood. Mix gravel and concrete and pour it into the hole to hold and support the poles. By doing this the poles will be firmly established in the ground. The next thing is to build the roof frame. Follow the blue print or pole barn design you must have acquired offline or online. Now, install the wooden or metal frames with quality nails. Fix the galvanized corrugated wood or steel panels to finish the roof. Ensure that you follow all procedures properly. This article might not help you with all the details, but with these basic steps can understand where to start from.

After completing the roof, you will have to install walls around the structure and make sure they are well leveled. While nailing to the frames, ensure that there is no space. A skilled builder will understand how to do this properly. Not everybody can find time to do this. If you cannot build a pole barn yourself, you can go for already made pole barn or you can hire skilled builders in Manhattan, KS to design one for you.


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