Talk About Trees with Your Landscaping Designer in West Hartford, CT

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance


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Trees are an important part of your landscape design. They look great, can provide you with fruit and nuts, and also help to keep your yard in good shape. The roots of trees reach deeper than grass or bushes, and they also spread much wider. That helps to hold your soil in place even during strong winds and rain. Preventing erosion keeps your yard looking great and helps to secure the foundation of your home. All of those things are very important, which is why it’s so important to pick the right trees when you talk with your landscaping designer.

Pick the Right Trees

The trees you choose with your landscaping designer in West Hartford, CT need to be cold-hardy trees. The winters in the northeast can be very harsh and dump lots of snow; therefore, you need a tree that will survive multiple days below freezing. You can still pick trees that produce fruit and nuts, but you’ll just need to be informed about which ones will work. For example, citrus trees often need a few chill hours every year, but they do not respond well to freezing. Apple trees, on the other hand, might survive a hard freeze just fine.

You should contact us today to ask about different trees and growing zones. There are trees that are right for your growing zone.

Plant Them Properly

You need to work with your landscaping designer on planting trees in the proper places. Trees can be something of a danger to your plumbing; if you have a septic tank, they can endanger that as well. The roots can push, bend, or even break the plumbing pipes. Therefore, you need to make sure your trees are planted apart from each other, away from the home’s foundation, and away from plumbing pipes that could be damaged.

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