Chimney Inspection in Richmond – Services To Be Expected

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance


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People having chimneys at their homes should get it (chimney) checked regularly to prevent dangers. In fact, like all other important things, chimney inspection regularly comes under your responsibility. Getting your chimney inspected can help in preventing disasters to be taken place. If you are a resident of Richmond, many professional service providers offer chimney inspection and other related services. Hence, choose the best who you can rely upon for carrying out the services.

Chimney inspection – When you should opt for the services

Chimney inspection services are required in several situations. Firstly, you should consider chimney inspection after heavy storm (winds, snow, rain etc). After heavy storm, it is recommended to get it checked from a chimney inspector. Even if your chimney is functioning smoothly, it is good to get the machine checked completely for satisfaction that the machine is all right.

Chimney inspection is also recommended if you decide on changing heating source. After transforming the heating source, you need to be sure if the chimney is able to bear the change without causing dangers for whole family. Further spring is good time to get your chimney checked from a professional inspector after cold winter months. Checking your chimney at such instances can help your chimney to function as desired.

Chimney inspection in Richmond – Services expected

For inspecting your chimney, an expert is likely to come to your place for thorough checks. The inspector is likely to check overall areas of chimney so that the problems can be detected and fixed up quickly. Though the inspection procedure differs from one service provider to another, yet certain steps need to be followed. Here are mentioned certain steps usually followed by a chimney inspector to check the machine:

*     Interior inspection: Many chimney inspectors generally start inspecting interior section of the machine. A professional chimney inspector is likely to check from top to bottom if everything is fine. If they find any problem, they fix it up immediately for smooth functioning of the chimney. After cleaning the interior part, a professional chimney inspector is likely to proceed further to the next step.

*     Exterior part: Next step generally considered by a professional chimney inspector is to examine the exterior part of the machine. The person is likely to perform complete checks and clean the thing, if required. A professional chimney inspector makes sure that the exterior part is being checked and cleaned completely so that you can get benefitted from the services. Final step is basically reviewing the services performed.

*     Final checks: The final step of chimney inspection process is usually the final checks. After completion of services, a professional chimney inspector is likely to evaluate their works so that nothing is left unchecked. It is always better to perform the final checks in order to be sure of project completion. A professional chimney inspector makes sure that the whole process is checked thoroughly so that you are not required to spend on re-work. With a professional chimney inspector, you can be assured of service completion.


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