Getting the Right Cooling Unit for the Size of Your Wine Cellar

Getting the Right Cooling Unit for the Size of Your Wine Cellar

Anyone building a wine cellar must always have a proper cooling unit in place, if they expect their wine to be any good at all. Wine cooling units are critical devices to ensuring that wine stays cool to the temperature that it is supposed to be stored at. The units come in a range of sizes, and they will all cool different amounts of square footage depending on the size of them. Some units are designed to cool only small areas, while others can cool the air for very large spaces. Most of the units are self-contained, but that could vary depending on the unit manufacturer.

Know Your Wine Cellar in Cubic Feet before Purchasing a Cooling Unit

There are many different cooling units on the market that a person can choose from. The Slimline 2500 for instance cools up to 350 cubic feet and runs about $1,500.00. This unit is completely self-contained, and is designed to fit right above the door of the cellar for convenience, so that it won’t get in the way. This unit cools a relatively small space, so it clearly won’t be useful to everyone. People that have large wine cellars will probably want a unit that does up to 700 or 800 cubic feet. Even though this may be larger than what they need, it is better to over compensate then to burn their unit out by having it constantly run. The cost is of course higher for the more cubic feet that is cooled, but it is a necessary investment to keep the wine protected. There are tons of different sizes available, so it is best to consult with a supplier to see what their recommendations are.

Learning Preventative Maintenance to Maintain Your Unit

Most companies that sell cooling units will have installers available who can come and properly install the unit in homes and businesses. They will also be able to advise you on the preventative maintenance measures that you should take to keep your unit in good working order. The units typically come with a warranty of 2 to 5 years in most cases, but it is still your responsibility as the owner to keep the unit maintained. If the unit is damaged as a result of your gross negligence, then your warranty may be voided in some cases. When these units are working correctly, they should keep the wine cellar at a constant temperature of about 55°F. Purchasing a model that is energy efficient will be the most beneficial move in the long run, because it won’t cause your utility bills to rise quite as much as they would if you purchased a unit that was not energy efficient.

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