Tuckpointing Is Often Required On Chimneys

A beautiful fireplace and chimney is a design feature of a home that not only provides you and your family with warmth, they also increase the value of your home.

The chimney is subjected to weather; as a result the mortar joints eventually begin to fail. Tuckpointing in Chicago is the solution; the process returns the joints to their “as new” condition.

Why is tuckpointing necessary?

There is a considerable difference in the life expectancy of brick vs. the life expectancy of mortar; mortar does not last near as long. Of course a lot has to do with the climatic conditions but generally speaking mortar will last 25 years before it begins to fail. When the mortar does fail the most cost-effective solution is tuckpointing in Chicago. The only other alternative is to take the existing chimney down and rebuild it, a far more costly solution.

Benefits of tuckpointing:

When the mortar begins to fail there is a natural tendency for water to penetrate into the joint and eventually into the chimney. Tuckpointing in Chicago is necessary to extend the life of the chimney at minimum cost. There are numerous benefits to tuckpointing, including:

* Stopping further decay of the existing mortar joints
* Restore the structural stability of the chimney: Failure to repair the mortar joints will eventually result in a chimney that begins to lean and eventually collapse.
* Prevent the ingress of water: Water can cause considerable damage if it is allowed to enter the space between the flue liner and brickwork.
* Cost effective: Tuckpointing in Chicago is certainly far less expensive than completely rebuilding the chimney.

Tuckpointing is a job that is best left to professionals that have the skills and tool to do the job right and do it right the first time.

Sooner or later mortar joints on the chimney of your home will have to be replaced. If you see evidence of failure the solution is tuckpointing. For professional tuckpointing in Chicago you are invited to contact Chicago Chimney Experts.

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