Advantages of Regular Tree Pruning

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Tree Service


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Trees work to provide oxygen to the environment around them but in order to do so they must be taken care of properly. This is why proper Tree Pruning is so important. While pruning can help the outer appearance of the tree, it also removes any dead or broken tree limbs and keeps any of these limbs from falling on a building or home. Here are some of the main benefits that come from pruning.

Increases Safety

By having proper pruning jobs done every now and then, the overall safety of that area increases. Broken or diseased limbs can pose hazards to anyone who walks near the tree and could become a financial risk to the business or homeowner. Not only does safety increase but so does the overall health of the tree.

Good for the Tree’s Health

Tree Pruning improves the tree’s health by removing any dead or dying limbs. While these pose dangers to individuals as mentioned above, they are also terrible for the tree itself and promote decay if not removed.

It Will Get More Sun

Simply having the trees trimmed and pruned will increase the exposure of the sun and air circulation throughout the tree. This makes the tree healthier but it is important to keep an eye out for any signs of sun scald which commonly appears on leafless trees during the winter.

Produces More Fruit

If the tree being trimmed is a fruit tree it will actually begin to produce more fruit. Also, the size of the fruit will increase as well. It is important to keep it pruned during the winter so the center of the tree is exposed to the sun.

Insects and Pests Stay Under Control

Pests and insects are drawn to trees and shrubs which is why pruning and trimming them helps manage and keep this problem under control. While over infestation of insects may not necessarily kill the tree, it can spread diseases that end up weakening the tree, leading to more fallen branches.

There are so many beneficial reasons to have regular pruning when it comes to trees. The best thing to do is contact Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. for information about their services. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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