The Differences Between Grinding and Stump Remover in Anaheim

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Tree Service


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People choose to chop down a tree for many reasons. The tree may have become diseased, or it may be too large for their property. No matter the reason, something must be done about the stump. There are a few things to consider when choosing between hiring a stump grinder or a Stump Remover in Anaheim.


The cost to take out a stump should be considered. Hiring a professional to fully remove the stump is often preferred, but it usually costs more to go this route. The average price to hire a tree service to remove a stump is between $100 to $400 per tree, depending on the circumference of the stump.

Grinding down the stump is often more cost efficient. Renting a grinder usually runs about $75 to $100 for a few hours. A tree service company, like Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc., offers quotes for tree grinding depending on the size of the stump.


Having a stump in the middle of the yard is an eyesore. Both grinding and removing will improve the aesthetics of the yard. Grinding down the stump will make the remaining wood flush with the ground. While the stump won’t be as noticeable, it may sprout new growth in the future.

Removing the stump is the only way to prevent new growth. A professional Stump Remover in Anaheim will make sure all of the stump is completely pulled from the yard. The remaining hole is filled with dirt, and it is usually covered with grass to match the rest of the yard.


Having a large stump in the middle of the yard is a safety hazard. If someone isn’t paying attention, they may trip over the stump and injure themselves. Removing or grinding the stump is the best way to prevent an accident.

Grinding a stump makes it flat against the ground. This reduces the chance of tripping, although it doesn’t fully eliminate this risk. If the stump is removed, however, there is no risk of tripping. Be sure the hole is completely filled with dirt to make the yard as safe as possible.

Once a tree is chopped down, something needs to be done with the stump. Grinding and removing are the two methods offered by tree services. Consider price differences, landscape aesthetic and possible safety hazards when making the selection. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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