Repairing A Garage Entry Door Scottsdale AZ

Repairing A Garage Entry Door Scottsdale AZ

When someone has a Garage Entry Door Scottsdale AZ with a crack in a wood panel, there will be a need to call a professional service to repair it properly. Smaller cracks can be handled by a homeowner if they have the right tools to do the job. Here are some tips to consider when attempting to fix a crack in a wooden panel.

Check The Extent Of The Damage

Before trying to make a repair to a wood garage door panel, it is best to take a look at the area in detail to ensure the fix will not require help from a garage door repair service. A crack that is seen on each side of the door is extensive and will need replacement rather than repair. While patching the panel can be done temporarily, it is risky as the panel could break further if the door is opened and closed several times. This could in turn cause damage to a vehicle or injury to a person. A crack that is only seen on one side of the wood panel can be remedied with wood putty.

Clean The Door And Remove Splinters

The wood panel needing repair work should be cleaned in the affected area before adding wood putty. This will allow for the putty to adhere without debris in the way. Any splinters should be removed with a pair of tweezers if possible. Make sure the wood is dried in its entirety before adding putty to the crevice.

Place Wood Putty And Paint The Door

Wood putty can be pushed into a crack to give it stability in the broken area. This putty will harden. However, it will need to be sanded, so protrusions are not seen. After the wood is smoothed, a new coating of paint can be applied. When there is a need for door repair or if a new Garage Entry Door in Scottsdale, AZ needs to be installed, calling the right service to handle the job is key.

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