Common Garage Door Problems Addressed by Overhead Garage Door Phoenix AZ

Common Garage Door Problems Addressed by Overhead Garage Door Phoenix AZ

Your garage door and its automatic opener are one of the largest, and hardest working, pieces of equipment in your home. It works day after day, multiple times per day, with hardly a thought by the homeowner until one day something goes awry. Some of the most common repairs addressed by the professionals at Neighborhood Garage Door Service include:

Garage Door Springs

Of all garage door parts, the springs are the most frequently replace item. Due to the immense pressure that the springs are under, never attempt to replaced them yourself, as this may result in serious injury or even death. The warning tag on the spring is there for a good reason. Signs of a broken spring include a manual door that is extremely difficult to open or an automatic door that will not open. Do not force a garage door open that has broken springs as this can cause further damage.

Garage Door Sensors Misaligned

Automatic garage door openers employ two infra-red sensors to detect objects that might imped door operation. One of the door sensors emits a beam of infra-red light that is detected by the other sensor. Should something interrupt the beam of light, like a child or pet, the door won’t close and opener’s light will flash repeatedly. Misaligned sensors result in a door that reverse’s immediately or won’t operate at all. This is often an easy fix for the homeowner, but if in doubt, the professionals at Overhead Garage Door in Phoenix, AZ will correct it right away.

Misaligned Tracks

Given enough time garage door tracks can become misaligned due to warping or bending. If the door has been hit or closed too hard it may be damaged enough to knock it off track, preventing the door from being opened or closed. This requires the track to be repaired or replaced and the door to be reattached, which is a job for the professionals like Overhead Garage Door in Phoenix, AZ.

These are just a few of the problems that can warrant garage door repairs. Visit online to read more about these and other potential garage door issues. The best way to prevent or minimize these problems is by having a routine maintenance plan in place. Whether conducted by the homeowner or a professional garage door technician, this small investment of time will go far in preventing injury and saving money.

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