Pulsar CRS™ Crypto Remediation System : The Importance of Clarity

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Swimming Pool


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Commercial pool managers perform some type of pool maintenance practically every day, especially if a pool is open to the general public. Chlorination and pH balance are relatively easy to control. However, clarity is a constant variable. Pool clarity is negatively affected by:
*     Sunblock
    Moisturizing lotions
*     Cosmetics
    Hair products
    Fabric softener
Even without direct involvement from pool patrons, clarity can still be negatively affected by an outdoor environment. Pool managers need a product which removes harmful microorganisms, parasites, and improves clarity. Pulsar® Systems has met that need by creating a cryptosporidium remediation system.

Cryptosporidium and Clarity

Pulsar® designed the Pulsar CRS™ to directly target cryptosporidium, the parasite which frequently affects commercial pools and neighborhood recreational centers that are patronized by families with small children in diapers. Cryptosporidium is spread when water is contaminated with fecal matter. Aquatic recreation center personnel always hope that patrons will report incidents about a possible contamination, but most of the time, pool managers must take proactive measures to prevent the spread of the parasite. Most public pools use calcium hypochlorite to treat cryptosporidium. However, standard products may not produce high-quality results. When used along with global swimming pool chlorination, the Pulsar CRS™  traps up to 99% of cryptosporidium by using a cationic polymer, which is administered in small doses over a long duration. The Pulsar CRS™ also improves pool clarity by enhancing filter efficacy, reducing the need for coagulants and pool maintenance products.

Safe and Clear

In the United States and Canada, public pools have strict federal and state safety regulations, and some of those regulations give specific instructions about the visibility and clarity of the water. The Pulsar CRS™ and other Pulsar® pool cleaning products can advance the efficiency of commercial pool maintenance and maintain a safer environment for bathers.


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