Find All Types of Concrete Construction From The Best Concrete Contractors in Bellefontaine Ohio

by | Apr 16, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance


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Concrete is a material that is much more versatile than many people realize. Therefore, it’s unusual to find a company that can use it in all possible ways. Even so, such companies do exist. One like Yoder Concrete Construction LLC can handle everything from road construction to decorative installations. Here are some of the things that can be made by concrete contractors Bellefontaine Ohio:

Foundations, Pits, and Other Underground Structures

These concrete structures are often hidden by the ground, but they are crucially important for many types of construction. Foundations are needed for everything from houses to grain silos. Concrete is preferred for these elements because it doesn’t rot and is strong enough to withstand the forces of the structure placed above it.

In agriculture and other industries, it is sometimes necessary to have a containment pit put into place. Lining the pit with concrete helps to ensure that the intended contents can’t soak into the ground. Often, the need to avoid leaks stems from groundwater protection requirements, but this is not always the case. Building a containment pit can also provide irrigation water to farms. When it rains, water goes into the pit, and the concrete helps to keep it there until it is needed.

Roads and Walkways

Concrete’s extreme durability has long made it a favorite for municipal projects like roads and walkways. It has the trade-off of not being completely smooth, but this is considered worth it by agencies looking for a surface that will last for years without further maintenance. Concrete contractors Bellefontaine Ohio provide roads and walkways for privately-owned properties as well.

Decorative Pavers

Concrete pavers truly show off the material’s great versatility. It can be poured into molds that allow it to take on nearly any shape. This allows it to replace materials that are much more expensive, such as natural stone or bricks. The individual pavers can also be formed so that they perfectly follow curves or go around permanent landscape features. By dyeing the concrete before it sets, the coloration of stones and other materials can be expertly imitated. These benefits make it a favorite for decorative pavers, outdoor tiles, and other such things.


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