When to Perform Garage Door Repairs in Rancho Cucamonga

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance


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There will likely come a time when your garage door will require repairs of some sort. This isn’t unusual because like most objects with moving parts that are frequently used, things will wear out and need replacing. Sometimes you can do these repairs yourself, but many times it’s wiser to call in a professional, simply in the interest of both not injuring yourself and making certain the repairs are done properly to your garage door. So, when will you know if you need to make repairs?

If you’re finding that you are having more and more trouble lifting your garage door, presuming you have a door that requires manual lifting, it most likely means that the springs have worn out, or have possible broken completely. This is a simply repair that can be done by just replacing the old springs with new ones. Allow a skilled technician to perform this task, as the springs can be potentially dangerous if handled improperly.

Another issue that could occur is that the door may just stop working, if it is the automatic type. Here again, this is usually a problem that can be diagnosed and repaired by a qualified technician. It’s possible the motor has burned out, or perhaps the door has become out of balance. It could also be that it has become too pressure sensitive for some reason. Pressure sensitivity is what prevents the door from closing on to an object or person and can usually be adjusted. These are all repairs that can be performed with ease by your technician.

If a panel on your garage door has become damaged, this is also something that you may consider having a repair done on. A dent could cause functionality problems, so replacing the panel could be a simple solution. If you garage door is metal and becomes damaged in some way, be it a dent or a scratch it may begin to rust, which could cause more serious issues later on that could lead to having to have the entire door replaced. Rather than wait for that to occur, simply repair the damaged portions by replacing them as soon as possible.

In order to delay the need for repairs to your garage door, tune-up services are typically available to ensure that things are running smoothly. A tune up for your garage door is similar to a tune-up for your car. Parts will be inspected to make sure they are all functioning correctly, and anything that need repairs or possible replacing will be taken care of. The better the maintenance for your garage door, the less need for repairs you’ll need, so call up your nearby garage maintenance professional right away!



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