What’s Foundation Waterproofing?

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Home Improvement


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Foundation waterproofing is utilized to stop water from seeping into a structure’s foundation. Many foundations are concrete and as such, will be subject to erosion and cracking should water be permitted to penetrate it. There will include different kinds of foundation waterproofing, and everyone will have its own specific benefit. Foundation waterproofing, properly applied, effectively can seal moisture and damage out for years. Whether it’s a liquid based foundation waterproofing that’s brushed or sprayed onto concrete or membrane-type of board applied over the concrete, waterproofing should be a must within the building of any structure.

Benefits of waterproofing
Liquid membranes are brushed or sprayed onto the surface of concrete before back-filling the dirt surrounding the foundation. Such foundation waterproofing will go on as a thick liquid and will dry to the consistency of a product that is rubber-like. Liquid type waterproofing has the benefits of easy application and low initial cost. The process is relatively expedient, yet the drawback is that the covering may differ in thickness. The skill of an applicator includes the key factor in obtaining a uniform coverage of such waterproofing. Contact Dry Otter Waterproofing. We ensure your home stays in great condition with our waterproofing services! Get a free estimate today!

Sheet membrane foundation
Sheet membrane foundation Waterproofing in Concord, NC includes another choice in covering the concrete foundation that is exposed. Such waterproofing is available in large sheets comprised of a rubber and asphalt-like material connected with a plastic-like membrane. A side of the membrane will be covered in a sticky adhesive that has a paper backing which covers it. In order to apply the sheets, paper will be removed and the sheet will be pressed against the concrete wall. Its adhesive isn’t forgiving and will stick well to whatever it initially comes into contact with. Typically, the sheets are applied by two individuals, with one at the bottom and the other at the top to smooth out all wrinkles.
The waterproofing sheets are put side by side then a rubber-like tape will be applied over the seams. The waterproofing has the advantage of being applied at a uniform thickness and will take no time to dry. The dirt may be back-filled surrounding the foundation just as soon as the sheets are placed into place and seams are taped. The drawback of using this kind of foundation waterproofing will lie in its cost.

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