Beneficial Reasons to Install Quartz Countertops in Minneapolis

Quartz countertops are comprised of polymer resins and natural quartz. It is the combination of these compounds that crate such a durable, strong, and hygienic product that is popular with builders, businesses and homeowners throughout the United States. They add a touch of beauty and class wherever they are installed. There are some great companies that fabricate and install quartz countertops. Minneapolis is home to providers of countertops made of quartz.

Benefits of using this type of countertop include:

  • Ease of care and maintenance
  • Beautiful and enduring appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • No sealing or polishing needed once installed
  • Versatility of application

Quartz Countertops and Color Uniformity
The uniform coloring of quartz is an additional reason why remains so popular commercial and residential circles. Countertops can match one another perfectly without any discoloration between sections. Adding resin makes the material stronger than that of natural stone. Quartz, when treated with resins, can reach a hardness to rival that of diamonds. Occasional mishaps do little damage to a kitchen quartz tabletop. They are virtually scorch and scratch resistant.

Bacteria Resistance
Quartz countertops may also be less susceptible to harmful bacterial because the mineral’s surface is largely non-porous. This is beneficial for those who cook and place food on their countertops. These types of countertops may also meet standards set for hygiene and food preparation. The versatility in pattern and design offered by quartz makes for an easy appearance of granite or stone. It can also mimic the engineered look of laminate.

Quartz in the Earth’s Crust
The good news is that quartz happens to be the second most abundant material lodged in the earth’s crust. Resin, which is used to strengthen quartz, is a petroleum by-product. There are a number of major supplies of quartz, which include Avanza and Silestone.

Choosing the Right Installation Company
When countertop installation time arrives, it is best to work a company that has an excellent track record. Checking the company’s website is an excellent way to find out more to see if testimonials and a gallery of their work is available. The most professional and experienced suppliers and installers should also belong to legitimate industry organizations. Local Better Business Bureaus, like that in Minneapolis, are also good places to learn more about a business’s reputation.

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