Using Residential Pest Control in Wellington Florida To Eliminate Ants

When warmer weather arises, people often notice that ants are abundant outdoors. If ants start to come inside of a house, or if they are seen crawling around on the exterior, taking steps to eliminate them becomes a concern. Most people will contact a service that provides Residential Pest Control in Wellington Florida if an ant problem gets out of hand. After they tend to the home, take these steps to keep these pests from returning.

Make Sure Food Is Not Accessible

Ants tend to stay in areas where they can get food easily. If crumbs are left on counters or floors, ants will stay in the home to feast upon these morsels. Take the time to do thorough cleaning sessions after each meal preparation session. Using a cleaner with bleach or vinegar in the contents helps to cover the odor of food, keeping ants from seeking out meals. Cover all leftovers and store them in the refrigerator if possible. Since this appliance has a tight seal, ants are unable to gain access to the food.

Use Powdery Substances To Keep Ants Away

Ants will not cross a line of powder if it is present. For this reason, sprinkling talc or drawing a line of chalk on the floors of each entryway to the home helps to keep these pests on the outside. These agents can also be used on sidewalks or along window sills if desired.

Keep On Top Of Moisture Problems

Ants will harbor themselves in wood paneling or inside walls if moisture is abundant. If there are plumbing problems in the home, tend to them promptly, so structural materials are kept dry. Shingles with curled edges and siding with cracks inside of panels also need replacing as moisture tends to accumulate in these areas.

When there is a need for Residential Pest Control in Wellington Florida to eliminate ants, finding a service with plenty of experience and a known positive reputation is best. Contact Above & Beyond Pest Control today to find out more about the many services they provide to their customers. Call to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of a home if ants are becoming nuisances.

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