The Most Popular Trends In Bathroom Designs In Encinitas

The bathroom in a home should be a relaxing oasis, and few things make it hard to unwind in a bubble bath as a space that is outdated and in need of repairs and upgrades. The idea of tackling a bathroom remodeling project is often overwhelming, but with the right help from a qualified contractor, it is simple to design a space that will not only be easy to use but increase the value and visual appeal of any house. The following is a look at the latest trends in Bathroom Designs in Encinitas, and how incorporating them is more straightforward than most homeowners think.

Wall Mounted Faucets

A standard faucet mounts to a sink and any plumbing required for its operation is neatly tucked away underneath. Wall mounted units are designed to provide a more high-end appearance and help save much-needed space on the top of a vanity or sink. Installing them usually requires running new plumbing, and a professional will ensure that they are connected correctly which will help prevent the occurrence of leaks over time.

Elevated Bowl Sinks

Sinks have transformed from being a bathroom staple to being a work of art that is visually pleasing. Elevated bowl sinks help create whimsy, as they are designed to sit on the top of a vanity, and when combined with a wall mounted faucet they make it easy to wash hands and brush teeth. It is even possible to turn regular pieces of furniture into sinks, which will give a bathroom a custom look.

Spa Inspired Shower Accessories

Another item that is popular in Bathroom Designs in Encinitas is the use of spa-like shower fixtures. Many plumbing equipment manufacturers create equipment that is composed of variable nozzles and spray heads, which allows a person to have an immersive bathing experience. Others incorporate aromatherapy and steam to help anyone unwind and melt away the stress of the day.

Remodeling a bathroom should be a fun and exciting experience. The team at Guedes Construcction Inc offers design and installation services and will turn anyone’s dream bathroom into a reality. Visit to learn more and browse their online portfolio to see why they have been a trusted remodeling provider for more than 20 years.

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