Two Common Types of Decorative Painting in Manhattan, NY

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Home Improvement


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Getting ready to update your home with fresh paint? If so, you may be considering doing something a little different this time around. Decorative painting and special wall finishes (such as textured walls) are two of the biggest painting trends right now. Today we’ll take a look at each one of these options, as well as talk a little about where you can get advice about Decorative painting in Manhattan, NY.

Decorative painting is a general term that describes using paint to achieve a certain look (other than just a smooth, painted wall). For example, a popular post on Pinterest right now involves using a broom on wet paint to achieve a lined, textured look. More common types of decorative painting involve faux painting or finishing. In these processes, paint color and texture is used to achieve the look of a natural material such as quarried stone. And of course, decorative painting also include more traditional looks, such as painted murals.

Special wall finishes involve more than just paint, and are most commonly achieved with plaster. Whether using Venetian plaster or another type of plaster, in special wall finishes the plaster is applied in a certain way to achieve a certain “look”. Paint or other top coating is then used over the plaster to complete the look. For example, a common specialty wall finish is the marble look. In this finish, the plaster is applied to resemble the texture of natural marble. Then a colored, metallic topcoat is applied to add the color of natural marble. Overall, the effect is that of natural, marble walls, without the cost.

Both of these effects can be done with a “Do It Yourself” approach, but the results will highly depend on your experience and skill with painting. A more common option is to hire a professional company that offers decorative painting in Manhattan, NY. Decorfin, for example, offers both of the options we’ve talked about today, and has done work for a wide variety of clients, including the Trump Tower. If you do choose to hire someone, be sure to ask for a portfolio to look at.


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