The Many Advantages of Resin Wicker

by | Feb 6, 2014 | Furniture


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Wicker has been around for thousands of years. It has been used to fashion objects and furniture since the ancient Egyptians and since then, it has achieved worldwide popularity with many homeowners. There are many advantages to using resin furniture in your garden. Resin and wicker are economically friendly materials when compared to other styles of furniture, such as plastic and metal. So by purchasing resin furniture you can also help to protect the environment. Resin furniture has many advantages over that of standard wicker. If wicker is exposed to moisture, over time this can weaken the entire structure. This can lead to further problems such as termites and other insects, leaving you with a ruined piece of furniture that is of no use to anyone. Resin rattan however, is completely protected against these environmental factors.

Why Choose Rattan?

When you purchase high quality resin furniture, you will notice the layer of lacquer on top. The product is then dipped in colored resin. This protects the fibers within from the atmosphere, keeping the structure itself dry and protecting it against insects and pests.  Another benefit of resin furniture is that it comes in a variety of colors. Because the color is engrained into the resin, you will find that it does not get easily scratched or marked. This is especially beneficial to families who use their garden furniture on a regular basis, as you get additional protection in terms of aesthetic value. Another benefit of choosing resin furniture is that the sun does not chip the paint. Resin is extremely resistant to UV rays, which makes the furniture resistant to rot.

Natural Looking Resin Wicker

Although resin wicker furniture is not always made from actual wicker, you will find that it mimics the design perfectly. You can experience the same style and comfort, without worrying about the wood becoming damaged. Resin wicker is also normally much more affordable when compared to other related designs. Whether you want a white resin wicker set for your sunroom or a black wicker set for your patio, you can be sure to get endless use out of your resin rattan furniture.

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