Contemporary Furniture Manufacturers Create Simple Yet Functional Designs

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Furniture


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The roots of contemporary furniture, also often called modern furniture, started after the 19th century and was heavily influenced by the modernist art movement. These concepts were used in the world of furniture and produced furniture that used modern materials and had a very simplistic visual design. The function of the furniture was most important and the visual elements developed from that function.

Being attainable and affordable is one of the goals of contemporary furniture manufacturers. Miami is one city where many such manufacturers can be found that cater to the design trade and brick and mortar retailers. Contemporary furniture design uses the furniture, and the area in which it resides as part of the overall design theme for a space.

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Elements of Contemporary Furniture
There are three features of modern furniture that differentiate it from other types of furniture. Most contemporary furniture manufacturers create furniture that abides by these concepts.

The design of contemporary furniture takes into account the overall scheme of the space in which the furniture is to be placed. The materials used to create the furniture are the basis of its texture, colors and form. To craft a piece of furniture which is visually appealing, the design blends the function of the furniture with the beauty of its materials. Designs are simple and have an apparent structure but there is no redundancy of materials.

Newly discovered techniques for crafting furniture and the use of cutting edge materials are to be used by contemporary furniture manufacturers to create a piece of furniture. Consequently, the structure of contemporary pieces use standard metal, tubular metal, and various chromatic materials along with pattern free fabrics and materials so that crisp lines, smooth textures and pronounced edges form the furniture.

Finally, the furniture needs to both meet the practical needs of modern life while also benefitting the advancement of the fine arts. The beauty of the materials used, the purpose of an object, and the methods used to create the furniture should be expressed in every piece. Each piece also needs to accommodate as many people as possible so as to limit costs and make it more affordable for a wider market.

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