Signs Garage Door Repair Service is Needed

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Garage Doors


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There is no way to eliminate the potential for garage door issues completely. However, being aware of the most common signs of a problem can help any homeowner ensure they seek repair in a timely manner. Some of the most telltale signs that Garage Door Repair Service is needed are highlighted here.

Does Not Respond to the Remote Control

One of the parts of any garage door that easily breaks is the actual sensor for the remote control. It is important to consult a professional Garage Door Repair Service if this issue occurs. In some cases, the issue will be able to be fixed while other situations will require complete replacement.

Squeaking Sounds

In most cases, squeaking sounds coming from the garage door are the result of poor lubrication. The parts of the door that need to be lubricated include the bearings and dry rollers. This is considered one of the easiest problems for a homeowner to repair since they will be able to easily apply the needed fluid. However, most garage repair services also offer this if a homeowner does not want to do it on their own.

Scraping the Side Walls, Ceilings or Floor

A scraping sound is the result of worn cables or a reinforcement that is skewed. Professional repair services will be able to remove and replace any parts that are not working properly. In some cases, complete replacement of the garage door will be necessary.

Door Doesn’t Close Properly

This is one of the issues that may result in a complete replacement of the door. Doors that will close and then reopen prior to closing all the way likely have obstruction issues. If this occurs, it is essential to call a professional.

More information about a garage door service and repairs can be found by contacting Garage Door Operators Inc. Take some time to contact a professional to ensure the right garage door repairs are provided. Failure to do this can result in sub-par results for the door and the homeowner that will only cost more in terms of both time and money down the road. To know more, like Garage Door Operators Inc on Facebook.

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