Security, Quality and Beauty All in One Package

Exterior Wrought Iron Doors provide security, quality, and beauty all in one package. Made from 12 gauge metal, solid hand forged iron, double pane privacy glass, solid ball bearing hinges, and quality hardware, these doors are the complete package.


Exterior iron doors that are made from real iron provide protection from both threats from Mother Nature as well as intruders. They are rated to withstand forces of up to two-thousand pounds of pressure. So, whether the threat be a hurricane or sledge hammer, these doors will keep standing.

Not only does the glass allow natural light to brighten your home, it is also carefully designed to protect against moisture, heat, wind, and intruders. The glass is double paned and insulated with the option of adding low-E to do even more to keep out heat and cold. It is also strong enough to withstand two-thousand pounds of pressure just like the rest of the door. The glass comes in many styles including “rain”, “aquatex” or reflective to allow light to enter while still providing privacy.


Unlike doors that are made from hollow aluminum or other products, wrought iron exterior doors are made from 20 gauge metal and solid hand forged iron. This means that each door is individually hand shaped, so no two doors will ever be exactly the same. They can be made from a standard design, so they will look similar to others or custom designs can be created. Either way, each door is top quality and made to last.

Each door has three solid ball bearing hinges that will keep it swinging smoothly for years. They also have beautiful hardware that can be chosen to fit the desired look. All of the hardware is made from the top quality material.


The handmade quality of these doors provides a unique beauty to each of these doors. In order to protect that beauty and avoid rust, each door is coated in a special zinc primer and finished with a protective clear coat. This process is done in an air controlled environment in order to protect the finish and keep out impurities.

The threshold is part of the door unit and is also sealed to help keep out moisture. This prevents rust as well as providing a better seal for your door.

Exterior wrought iron doors add beauty and style to your home or business. They are made from quality products with durability and security in mind. They are a thing of beauty intended to last a lifetime.

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