Which Is Better: Kitchen Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Tribeca or Replacing It With Another Material?

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Flooring


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A house with hardwood flooring in the kitchen may have been subjected to water spills and problems with moisture and humidity over many years. When someone buys this house long after it was originally constructed, this person may wonder whether to arrange for hardwood Floor Refinishing in Tribeca or whether to have the floor replaced with a more suitable material.

The Choices

Most homeowners choose materials like laminate, tile or vinyl for this room, worrying that wood will be difficult to care for properly. Nevertheless, someone who truly loves the look of authentic hardwood throughout the home will likely decide on refinishing service and make an effort to keep the material looking great in the future.

Color Considerations

A change of color can be made during Floor Refinishing in Tribeca, or the new owners can keep the original color and have the material dramatically spruced up. Refinishing returns the floors to their original glossy beauty, eliminating scratches, dings, discoloration and dull areas.

Many people decide on a darker finish, from cherry to chocolate, if the rest of the kitchen has white features or other light colors. If the cabinetry is dark, however, lighter floors may be better, so the place doesn’t feel like a cave. When the entire kitchen is remodeled, it’s generally best to tackle the cabinets, walls, appliances, and countertops first.

Preventing Future Damage

How about preventing damage to wood kitchen floors in the years to come? After refinishing by technicians with a company such as New York Wood Flooring, one of the most effective and easiest strategies is to mop up spills quickly. Discoloration usually only occurs when wet substances are left on the floor to dry.

If any of the appliances, such as the dishwasher or refrigerator, ever springs a leak, quickly wiping up the mess with towels and is important. Setting up floor fans to thoroughly dry out the area will prevent moisture-related issues.

Refinishing may need to be done again at some point because of the relatively heavy foot traffic in kitchens and the potential for people to drop pans, or other heavy or sharp objects. Typically, once every 10 years is enough to keep the floor looking great.

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