Rent or Buy a Clean Portable Toilet in Long Beach, CA

by | May 6, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance


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Portable toilets, known as port-a-potties colloquially, are a common sight in fairs, carnivals, work sites, and parks. Though some may view these toilets with disgust, they are often well-kept by the right businesses. These structures, though not large, provide enough privacy and space for a sink, flush lever, and movable wheels. They are necessary additions to outdoor events, camping, trekking, and even military camps, scout camps, and guide camps.

Not all companies will provide the same level of service. Common signs of lackluster service include low to no toilet paper, no hand soap, or even a horrendous stench. The best companies will offer clean portable toilets stocked with toilet paper and hand soap. When renting a portable toilet in Long Beach, CA, companies will have to consider what type of toilet they want. Not all features are standard.

Some toilets, often the Standard model, have a mirror and handle mounted on the door with skid resistant tie downs, an in-use indicator sign, sanitary seat covers, and a waterless hand sanitizer. Typically these models will be used 150 times between services. The Wheel Chair Accessible model includes all of the features that the Standard model has; however, this design has more room to accommodate those with wheelchairs. These models are cleaned more often as well with an average of 100 uses between services. The Deluxe model offers the same features as the Standard with greater stability to decrease the likelihood of blowing over in the wind. It is also more sanitary as the toilet can be flushed using the foot pump and hands can be washed via foot pump for the sink.

Deciding which model is best for the location and event is crucial to choosing a portable toilet in Long Beach, CA. One location that offers these models and more is 1st Jon, which can be found at This family operated business has over 45 years of experience in the Southern California area. While most orders are processed the same day, it never hurts to make early arrangements for portable toilets. Visit to request a portable toilet quote for one’s event.

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