Pros and Cons of Window Alarm Systems

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Security


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Security systems can give people peace of mind, helping to ensure that nobody can enter a home without the knowledge of the home owner. One part of many home security systems is window sensors.

Window Alarm Systems typically involve placing contact sensors on each of the windows so that when the sensors are alarmed, a message is sent to the security system whenever a window is opened. However, if the window is broken so the sensors in the frame and on the edge of the window aren’t disturbed, or the window is already opened, they won’t be useful for this purpose. It’s possible to purchase special versions of these sensors, called vented window sensors, that will work even if the window is slightly open to allow for fresh air. Keep in mind as well that wireless sensors that run on batteries will need frequent battery changes to keep them working. Those that are wired into the security system are more difficult to install and can add quite a bit to the cost of the system if used on every window.

For even better protection, consider including motion detectors as well in any Window Alarm Systems. Having these pointed so that any intruder would have to pass by them will make it so that even if someone gets by the window sensors, the system will still be alerted. These sensors can work through various methods, including infrared, which senses body heat, or ultrasonic waves, which sense disruptions in the patterns. They work best when people walk through the beams, rather than directly toward the sensor, and should be placed in choke points and main hallways as well as by any potential point of entry.

Of course, the home security system will only be helpful if you remember to arm it and actually use it. This is where many people have problems, as they can find it inconvenient to keep arming and disarming the system and dealing with any false alarms that occur. Contacting a professional security company, such as, can help you get the information you need to set up the perfect system for your home.

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