Need Experts in Heating and Cooling Systems, Find Them in Carol Stream

On average, about 50 percent of the average annual cost of energy used in a typical home in the Midwest goes towards heating and cooling. Knowing this to be the case, it makes sense to bring in a heating and cooling expert to check for areas in the system that may need improvements.

To limit the amount of money that is spent annually on heating and cooling a home in Carol Stream, one should focus on the home’s insulation. An attic that has not been insulated correctly can have a significant impact on the cost of heating and cooling. During the hot summer months, cooled air will escape. In the cold winter months, heat will escape. The ductwork that delivers heat or cool air throughout the house should also be checked. In cases where the ducts are installed in an area of the house that is not insulated, this can be a source of losses.

How Can an Energy Conscious Contractor Help?

Some contractors are of the opinion that heating and cooling units should be sized based solely on the floor area of the home. When this approach is taken, it can easily result in a unit that is either oversized or undersized. An over or undersized HVAC system will put an unnecessary strain on the system and ends up costing you.

Knowledgeable heating and cooling contractors know there is more to sizing the system than simply floor area. The floor area is an important issue, but the window to wall ratio is also important and is something that must be included in the calculations. The best contractor will investigate any possible air leaks and check the amount of insulation in the attic and wall cavities.

When you put your trust in a heating and cooling contractor that has been serving the community for many years, you can be assured that the equipment selected will be perfect for your home.

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