Three Signs Your Furnace Needs a Repair

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Air Conditioning


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When it comes to your heating and cooling, your furnace can often be one of the main components that gives you the most trouble. This is because of how vital it is to your home. Without a furnace in working order, you can experience all kinds of issues that grow over time. So be sure to recognize the issues below and call the professionals if you need furnace maintenance in Chicago:

1) It’s Getting Old

Most furnaces last around 20 years if you are lucky. This means that around the 10 or 15 year mark you should start being wary of any issues. Typically, the warranties will run out around this time and you will start to pay out of pocket for repairs.

2) You Notice Strange Sounds

When it is running well, you should not notice strange noises coming from your furnace. It might make some sounds when it is starting up. However, once running it should be smooth without grinding, popping, or screeching sounds. If you hear any these noises, get a professional to check it right away.

3) Lower Energy Output or Efficiency

Your furnace will be most efficient when you first get it. However, parts wearing out and time alone will make it less effective. When you notice your bills getting higher, it’s probably a sign you need a repair of some kind.

Getting the right furnace maintenance in Chicago is key to keeping your heating and cooling elements in great condition. If you don’t, you could end up paying more, going without heat, or dealing with a long term problem that could have been prevented. So be aware of the issues above and get your furnace repaired or replaced when it comes time.

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