Maintaining Your Roof Is Extremely Important

by | May 14, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance


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Of all the elements that go into making a house perhaps the roof is the most important. As important as it is it is also “out of sight and out of mind” and is only an issue when a problem occurs. Fortunately most roofs are guaranteed for at least 25 years so overemphasising the roof is not something you need to be overly concerned with. Saying this, it is a good idea to have the roofers in Lisle IL check it every few years to ensure that it has not suffered some kind of damage from bad weather, birds or animals. Professional roofers know exactly what to look for.

The areas they focus on include:

Rafters and trusses: These are the components that make the shape of the roof. As these are structural components it is important that they are not warped, cracked suffer from rot or insect infestation. The rafters and trusses carry the weight of the roof so obviously any damage needs to be repaired quickly otherwise the entire roof may be in jeopardy.

Sheathing: Sheathing is the first roof layer and in modern homes the material used is plywood. The integrity of the sheathing is important as it keeps out drafts and is the surface for the shingles. The sheathing should be checked from inside the attic for any evidence of water damage, rotting or even bird ingress.

Flashing: It is the flashing that keeps the roof watertight in areas where the contour changes and vents or skylights come through the roof. Flashing is found around dormers, along the ridge and at the corners. The metal that is used for flashing will last for a long time it can still suffer from damage or the fasteners can have corroded. The roofers in Lisle IL that are doing the inspection will ensure that all the flashing is in good condition and doing what it is designed to do.

Roof Covering: The top layer is usually tile, slate, metal or composite shingles. All of these materials are long lasting but they can be affected by inclement weather, downed tree branches, etc. If you think that the roof covering has been damaged do not wait, have any repairs attended to quickly otherwise the problem will only worsen.

If, during the inspection, the roofers in Lisle IL find any problems, they can give you an accurate estimate for the repairs. By inspecting the roof periodically, any small problems that are found can be repaired or components replaced before they become big problems.

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