Installing a New Furnace Oak Park : DIY versus Professional Installation

by | Jan 25, 2013 | Home Improvement


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Oak Park, like the rest of Illinois, has a climate that is characterized by cold winters and hot summers. Every home and commercial property needs a furnace. You could install the furnace yourself (DIY or do-it-yourself installation) or you could hire a professional for the job. Each option has pros and cons worth considering.
Most people do DIY new furnace installation to save money. It is, however, important that you note you have to buy the necessary safety gear, tools, and supplies and you may end up spending a lot more than you save on a repairman.

Consider enlisting the services of a professional for the installation because a professional will have the necessary training and experience for the job, meaning there is less likelihood of such problems as short circuits. Improper installation leads to expensive problems since it is sometimes necessary to dismantle the whole thing.

A good company will do sheet metal fabrication. This is important because it ensures that your new furnace is fastened into place. The training and experience that an expert has comes in handy because you will get valuable tips on how to maintain the furnace. This will save you money on repairs. You will also get advice on such things as how to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and how to troubleshooting and minor repairs yourself.

Allow a professional to do the installation because you will get advice on where to get the best new furnace Oak Park. This ensures that you get the real thing at the best price. The best companies even have the furnaces in their stock, giving your unparalleled convenience and saving you money since you do not have to have it transported to your home or commercial building.

A professional will know about government requirements when it comes to efficiency and you may end up getting a government grant for your new furnace Oak Park. A professional will also know about the necessary safety measures that need to be taken to get the lowest possible premiums if you have HO1 (homeowner’s) insurance.

Some people do DIY repairs as a pastime and as a project to bring friends or family together. This is well and good, but you must remember that a new furnace comes with a warranty. Furnaces are expensive to repair and you should take advantage of the warranty. If you do the repairs yourself, you automatically void the warranty.

You should also remember that there is always a risk of electric fires and of other injuries when you do the repairs yourself. A professional furnace repairman will have professional indemnity insurance. This is important because you will be covered should anything go wrong during the installation, including damage to the new furnace and damage to property. A good company will have workman’s compensation insurance which ensures you are not held liable for any accident that happens in your property. Hiring a pro also gives you peace of mind and unparalleled convenience.

Avoid the temptation of doing DIY furnace installation. Hiring a professional to install your new furnace in Oak Park offers convenience, professionalism, safety, peace of mind, and other benefits.

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