How Do Sinkholes Occur and How can They Be Prevented?

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance


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Sinkholes can be unpredictable. Though there are often warning signs, they can occur out of the blue and engulf everything within the vicinity, causing thousands of dollars of damage and even put lives at risk. Sinkhole remediation in Gainesville should be contacted at the first sign of a potential collapse in the floor. Knowing what sinkholes are, how they occur, and how they can be prevented will help you recognize that this is a phenomenon with serious implications.

Sinkholes actually fall into three categories. The first is dissolution sinkholes, which occurs when the floor is weakened due to erosion from water and weather elements. This type is especially common in floors consisting of limestone and bedrock, where the surface is susceptible to wear and tear from moisture, heat and air.

Cover-collapse sinkhole is the second type and usually occurs very quickly without warning. It’s caused by a buildup of clay on the surface, which leads to an arched depression right beneath the surface’s ground cover. The collapse occurs when the space closes between the depression and ground cover.

Cover-subsidence sinkholes comprise the third category. This occurs when sand accumulates under the bedrock, causing a depression to form. Unlike cover-collapse sinkholes, a cover-subsidence can go undetected for years, though there may be subtle warning signs.

If you notice even the slightest sign that a sinkhole may be occurring, then it is best to err on the side of caution and contact sinkhole remediation in Gainesville. Depending on the extent of damage and sinkhole type, technicians may recommend one of several solutions. Compaction grouting is one approach and is used to increase the density of the existing soil. Basically, holes are drilled into the soil where it is filled with cement and grout. A second approach is pressure grouting, where a fluid injection is used to fill holes and cracks that may heighten the likelihood of a sudden floor collapse.

Be sure to visit Ram Jack Solid Foundationsif you suspect your property is susceptible to a sinkhole and are noticing subtle signs that it might occur. Sinkhole remediation in Gainesville will perform a detailed evaluation of your property and protect your home should it be confirmed that a sinkhole is eminent. This is an action that you can’t hold off on because if a collapse occurs, the damage is going to be severe.

Sinkhole remediation in Gainesville is required if a depression is about to form on your property. There is no DIY solution, and sinkhole remediation in Gainesville is done by the pros that have the equipment and expertise to address the problem.


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