Fluorescent Lamp Holder Selections

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Home Improvement


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If you are in the market for high quality fluorescent lamp holder parts, you have many providers and selections to consider. There are many kinds of fixtures on the market today and several different types of holders are made. Here is a look at some of the types of lamp holders you may encounter, with important information about them.

Biax / PL

Have you seen fluorescent bulbs which appear to be a long tube, bent in the middle? Biax / PL lights only have one connection. The old types are connected at each end with a socket, so there is no need for support. However, Biax lights not only require special sockets, they should have additional supports, especially for longer bulbs.


Many people are choosing slimline fluorescent lights these days. They take up little space and are very sleek and elegant in appearance. These lights require special fluorescent lamp holder sockets made just for the bulbs.

Low Profile

Would you like to have lighting underneath your kitchen cabinets for your countertops? Maybe you want lights inside the cabinets. Low profile lighting is one of the best options and many of these units utilize bulbs which are cool to the touch, to eliminate hazards like burning your fingers.

Conversion Sets

Do you need to change from a T-8 to a T-5 fluorescent lamp holder setup? It’s not very hard when you have the right conversion set. Some sets are specifically designed for 2 foot fixtures while others can handle fixtures as long as 4 feet.

Convenience Outlets

No matter how many electric outlets you have in the house, you could always use more. When you choose a high quality fluorescent lamp holder supplier, you also can order parts like convenience outlets. This lets you add an additional electrical outlet to your light fixture and can help you avoid many of the hazards associated with using long extension cords.

Where to Find the Best Fluorescent Lamp Holder Parts

When you use a reputable provider with online service, you will enjoy a wide variety of benefits. For example, a trusted provider can give you high quality products and carries many different items in stock. You will find shunted and un-shunted sockets and butt-on and turret style fluorescent lamp holder items. You may order from the convenience of your home or office and pay over a secure server. Plus, your order is delivered to your door and you will receive one of the best guarantees in the business.

If you need quality fluorescent lamp holder parts for your business, you can count on H. H. Fluorescent Parts. Check out our homepage today at Hhfluorescentparts.net to see all of the great things we have for you.

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