Exterminator In Rockville MD Can Help To Control Ants

Exterminator In Rockville MD Can Help To Control Ants

You will need the help of professional exterminator in Rockville MD to control and eliminate carpenter ants. While ants in general aerate the soil and control insect populations, carpenter ants are destructive to the structures and require professional control. Since ants form colonies and follow the route based on the scent trail, removing the scent trail is an effective way to control ants. Other possible solutions could be to remove the food source or to seal the entryways. You could also try to use low-toxic, natural compounds.

Talk To The Exterminator In Rockville MD About Eliminating Ants Scent Trail

Scout ants look for food source and leave scent trail to be followed. The first step to remove the scent trail is to kill the scouts and wipe and clean the area. This prevents the formation of any scent trails and for the scouts to return to the colony with the food source information. If the scent has been established already, go to the food source and start wiping the scent trail backwards right to the entrance. Do not use plain water as it is not enough to wipe the scent away. Soapy water and a sponge should serve the purpose. If you can’t find the trail entrance then block it mid-way. This will require some monitoring and eliminating the trail more than once as the ants can re-create the trail from the blocked point onwards.

Talk To The Exterminator In Rockville MD About Sealing the entryways and eliminating the food source

You can use temporary solutions to block the entryways and it will discourage ants from entering your house. Any sticky substance like Vaseline will work; you could also use boric acid, Chili powder or cinnamon. For unwanted cracks and gaps, fill them out with construction adhesives and caulk.

Since food attracts ants, eliminating food sources is an effective way to control ant’s population. Make sure that food is not kept uncovered in the open. Leftover food should be sealed tightly in jars and containers and stored away or keep them in the refrigerator. Kitchen counters and floors should be wiped down nightly. This is to make sure that there are no food particles on the floor to attract scouts. Clean cabinets and shelves of all crumbs and stains. Keep sinks dry as much as possible. Create a soapy water barrier around your pet’s food bowl.

Talk To The Exterminator In Rockville MD About other options to control ants

An exterminator in Rockville MD can use natural ways to control ant population. One of the ways is to control the food source outside your house. Ants are attracted to honeydew made by aphids. Controlling aphids indirectly controls ant’s population. Baits are other preferred methods compared to insecticides. You can also use sticky barriers to keep the ants from travelling up the trees. Use natural or low toxic compounds like boric acid.

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