Do You Think It is Time to Replace Your Home’s Roof? Contact a Professional

Is there a possibility that your home needs a new rooftop installed by a professional contractor? Have you been noticing a leak in your home or possibly missing shingles on your roof? If you suspect that you have an issue with your roof and are unsure how old it is, you should consult a professional that provides roofing replacement in Jacksonville. A contractor will inspect your rooftop and determine if a simple repair or a full replacement is required.

Tips that Can Help Determine if You Need a New Roof

  • If you have noticed that the shingles are beginning to buckle or curl on your rooftop, it can be a sign that you need to replace the roof on your home.
  • Another sign that you could require roofing replacement in Jacksonville is missing shingles.
  • Most roofs will last between 20 to 25 years with proper maintenance. If you know the age of your roof and it falls between this time frame, you could probably benefit from having a roof replacement in Jacksonville.
  • Granules from the shingles in the gutters.
  • If you notice rain leaking into your home or sunlight coming through the roof boards.

Call to Have a Contractor Inspect Your Roof Today!

HW Contracting can provide you with a highly-trained contractor to inspect your home’s. They will know exactly where to look to determine if it is time to have your roof replaced. Once they gather the required information and determine whether you need a new roof, they will discuss with you the options you have available. Their experts understand the importance of having a durable roof on your home, and will work with you to find the right solution that is affordable to your budget.

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