Reasons to Choose Restoration Over Full Roof Installation in Topeka, KS

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Roofing & Restoration


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Is the home’s roof looking as if it’s seen better days? Is it leaking, or has it reached the end of its useful life? In these cases, a homeowner may not be sure whether they should restore or replace the roof. Below are several reasons why restoration may be better than Roof Installation in Topeka KS.

It’s Less Expensive

A full replacement can be costly in terms of materials and labor, especially if the current roof has to be removed. Depending on the owner’s choice of roofing systems, the cost averages $18-$22 per square foot. On the other hand, restoration requires fewer materials and less labor and has an average cost of six to nine dollars per square foot.

It Extends the Roof’s Lifespan

A residential roof can last about 20 years with proper care, and restoration can add 10-15 years to that total. With a restoration, a homeowner can delay full Roof Installation in Topeka KS until there’s room in the family’s budget.

A Restoration is a Sustainable Option

Every year, millions of pounds of roofing materials end up in the nation’s landfills. A restoration is an eco-friendly option because it allows for the reuse of the existing roof. Furthermore, it can make the entire home more energy-efficient and may even be eligible for LEED or Energy Star credits.

Prevention of Catastrophic Loss

Ignoring a deteriorating roof won’t make the problem disappear, it will only make things worse. The more time goes by, the greater the likelihood of damage and the more it will cost to repair. If the problem is left untended long enough, a replacement will be the only option.

Perform a Visual Inspection

A visual inspection can help a homeowner determine whether roof restoration is the right choice. Signs to look for include accumulated water, wet insulation, gaps in the flashing, and cracking seams. Such issues can speed the roof’s deterioration and cause mold growth, leaks, and a complete failure during storm season.

Get an Expert Opinion

If any of these problems exist, it’s wise for the homeowner to call a roofer for a comprehensive inspection. During the inspection, the roofer will analyze the roof before making recommendations for possible solutions. Contact us for roofing project advice and prompt service.

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