Bifold Windows In Gold Coast: Versatility

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Glass Repair Service


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Bifold windows in Gold Coast use multiple sashes, either panels or frames, which are all hinged together. They look like a traditional window when they’re closed, but they open up differently than traditional windows.

For one, they slide on a roller to the side, and the panels or frames fold up neatly to one side. The goal is to give you a maximum opening without taking up much space. Plus, they can be safer than traditional windows that raise upward or downward. You never have to worry that the seal gets too loose that they drop and break the panes of glass.

Bifold windows in Gold Coast can be used in a variety of ways. Many people simply open them fully to let in the most sunlight and catch the breeze. If that’s your primary goal, you can also install security screens that prevent insects from flying in and allows you to leave the window open without fear that a criminal will come inside and steal from you.

However, they are highly versatile, so you can use them many other ways, as well. For example, you can install a small shelf outside and add chairs to create a servery-style window area where your children or guests can walk up to the window and get something to eat or drink.

At Central Glass & Aluminium, they realise that creating the illusion of more space is difficult. However, their array of products makes it much easier to do. Bifold windows in Gold Coast are the perfect solution for many because it allows you to turn any window in the home into a servery or gives you the ability to open up the window more. Choosing CGA to install these windows ensures that they are done correctly. Plus, they can be installed over whatever current window you have, including hinged, double-hung, gliders, and casement windows.

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