4 Signs A Homeowner Should Contact A Professional Who Provides Roaches Extermination Services In Hilo

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Pest Control


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Cockroaches are nasty little creatures. They multiply very quickly, and they spend their time getting trying to get into food and drinks in the house. If there is a roach infestation in the home, the homeowner needs to have it taken care of as quickly as possible. The longer the problem persists, the worse it will be and the harder it will be to rid the home of the roaches. It is important that homeowners are able to recognize the signs that they should contact a company that provides roaches extermination services Hilo.

Fecal Droppings

If the homeowner notices roach droppings in areas where there are food and water, there is a good chance that they have an infestation. Smaller roaches will leave being droppings that resemble black pepper or coffee grounds. If the droppings are larger, it means that there are larger, adult roaches in the home. This is a sign that the infestation has become serious.

Egg Casings

Cockroaches produce eggs that are held in casings. A typical casing can hold anywhere between 10 and 50 eggs. The casings are oval shaped and they are a brownish color. In some cases, the casings will be empty. In others, the casings will be full of eggs. If the homeowner notices casings in dark corners of the home or in areas where food is kept, they should contact an exterminator immediately.

An Oily Or Musky Odor

Just one cockroach won’t smell, however, if there is a serious infestation, the homeowner will be able to smell it. An infestation often has a musky or oily odor. If the homeowner does smell the roaches, it is a sign that the infestation is very severe.

Roaches During the Day

Cockroaches are nocturnal, which means that they sleep during the day. If the homeowner notices cockroaches running around the house during the day, it means that the infestation is severe. When there are too many roaches in the nest, some will get pushed out and will be forced to stay up all day to find a new place to sleep.

A cockroach infestation can go from minor to severe in a matter of days. The second the homeowner suspects that they have a roach problem, they should hire a professional who provides roaches extermination services Hilo. For more information, visit bowmantermite.com. You can also connnct them on Facebook.

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