Best Counter Top Materials: Granite Countertops in Maple Grove MN

by | Jun 7, 2014 | Home Improvement


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Over the years, homeowners have used various materials for counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms, bars and individual furniture pieces. Whether it is concrete, tile or wood, consumers continue to buy a variety of different countertops. However, some of the best materials for countertops are granite, marble and quartz. These different substances are known for their dependability and strength. They also come in many forms and colors for buyers to choose from.

Granite Unlimited Inc. offers quality granite countertops in Maple Grove mn. Granite is an igneous rock that is popular for its strength and endurance. The strong stone can be used for fireplaces, bar tabletops, kitchen/bathroom counter tops and many other furniture pieces. Whether for a commercial business or for a personal home, granite can be found in various speckled colors. The buyer can choose from shades of black, white, blue, red, brown and more.

Additionally, quartz and marble are two alternatives outside of granite countertops in Maple Grove mn. Typically, quartz have a wide range of colors to select from, whereas marble is limited to fewer colors. However, marble is known for its sophisticated appearance, much like the granite counter tops. After researching the differences between quartz, marble and granite, a buyer should consult a specialist from the company that will be conducting the installation.

Furthermore, before buying a countertop, buyers should request a quote from the company that will be performing the installation. Because these popular materials can come at high prices, it is important for buyers to choose a company that will commit to quality installations, as well as competitive prices in the Maple Grove area. Prices mainly depend on the quality of the chosen materials. Quantity and the size of the overall project are key factors in pricing as well.

While the initial price may be high for the desired material, installing a countertop is an investment that will be in a house or business for many years. Granite, marble and quartz are all excellent materials to choose from. By choosing a dependable product material, the customer will not have to worry about premature withering of the countertop.

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