Important Information on Brown Recluse Spiders in Wichita Kansas

by | Jun 7, 2014 | Pest Control


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Most spiders are completely harmless and actually beneficial. Some spiders can be dangerous, because their bite is venomous or causes a severe wound. One of the most dangerous spiders is the brown recluse spider. It is also known as the fiddle back or violin spider, because it has a dark brown violin shape on its back. Unfortunately, the bite of this spider can cause major problems with your health. This is why it is imperative you get help with Brown recluse spiders Wichita Kansas. If you suspect your home has these spiders, you need to contact a pest control company, so these spiders can be taken care of, before they cause health concerns in your family.

What Happens If You are Bitten By a Brown Recluse?

If you are bitten by one of these spiders, you may not know right away. The bite is painless, but within an hour, you should begin to notice a burning sensation in the area you were bitten in. Between six and twelve hours after you are bitten, you will notice a pimple or blister in the area of the bite. Soon after the blister develops, the skin around the bite wound will begin to darken and take on a bluish tint. Unfortunately, the venom of the brown recluse’s bite can cause extensive damage to your skin tissue. Soon, the tissue around the wound begins to die. In most people that are bitten, the bite wound can take several weeks to heal. Often, surgery is required to correct the damage left behind from the bite.

Where Do Brown Recluse Spiders Hide in Your Home?

The reason this spider got its name is because it tends to hide in areas away from human activity. You may find them in your closets, basements, storage boxes, rooms rarely used, attics and other areas in your home. Before cleaning out storage areas, it is important you are careful, as most people bitten by these spiders were handling items the spider was hiding in. You will typically see the brown recluse at night, when it is most active. View website for complete details.

If you suspect your home has Brown recluse spiders Wichita Kansas, contact Patton Termite & Pest in Wichita Kansas right away. They will help you to end your spider issues, so your home is safe for you and your family.





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