A Swimming Pool Builder in Michigan Explains Pool Choices

A Swimming Pool Builder in Michigan Explains Pool Choices

As any Swimming Pool Builder In Michigan will tell you, there are many different types of pool available today: concrete, fiberglass, vinyl-lined and gunite are just some of your options. When deciding on a pool type, you should talk with your builder about your preferences and requirements; you will have a better idea of the right type for your needs and your budget. Below is a brief explanation of the three most common pool types.

Concrete swimming pools: These are made of either gunite or shotcrete (the names refer to the materials used in the creation of the steel framework of the pool). Shotcrete is sprayed onto the frame, and gunite is pumped. Your Swimming Pool Builder Michigan will typically offer a pebble, marble, plain or colored plaster finish. Concrete pools are built to order, meaning more flexibility during the design phase. You can choose a standard layout, or you can get extras such as waterfalls or a built-in spa.

Vinyl swimming pools: Any pool with a vinyl liner installed inside its walls is considered to be a vinyl swimming pool. The vinyl liner works to reinforce the walls and steel structure; walls are prefabricated and then set into place after area excavation. Vinyl pools are similar to concrete pools in that owners have greater design flexibility, however, care should be taken to protect the liner from tears and punctures.

Fiberglass swimming pools: This type of pool is assembled in a factory before being shipped to the pool installer or retail location. Fiberglass pool shells are almost completely prefabricated and come ready to install. Your Pool Builder Michigan will dig the hole, level it and then lower the shell. Fiberglass is a great option if you don’t want to wait long before being able to use your new pool.

Swimming pools are a great addition to any home; they can provide years of enjoyment and they add resale value in most cases. When deciding on a pool, you have many options, and your final choice will likely depend on the size of your space and your budget. A pool builder in Michigan will help you make a more informed purchase decision.