A New Patio Door in New Jersey Adds Value and Style

by | May 9, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance


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Patio doors often suffer from wear and tear that makes them difficult to operate. Even better quality patio doors, over time, also become less energy efficient as seals wear, allowing cold drafts to enter interior spaces. In addition, styles and personal tastes evolve. A new patio door is a good way to express a new, fresh home design motif.

Older homes were routinely constructed using sliding patio doors. Sliding doors are relatively inexpensive and are still a good option for homes where hinged doors would interfere with furniture placement or where rooms are small, making opening a hinged door problematic. New Jersey door professionals like Tristate Windows and Siding (Tristatewindowandsiding.com) have modern sliding door options available in many different styles to accommodate the needs of homeowners who prefer a sliding patio door in New Jersey.

Options for patio doors in New Jersey also include hinged options. Single, French and center hinge versions to meet the design preferences of area homeowners are readily available. Newer vinyl doors are ideal for most applications, as they are durable and energy efficient. Even leaded glass options are offered where needed to fit into older home restorations. Patio door experts routinely work with homeowners to determine the best patio door option to meet their specific needs.

Homeowners updating patio doors should also consider updating other doors and windows at the same time. New windows and doors not only look good, they can significantly reduce energy use. In an era of unpredictable heating and cooling costs, taking steps to conserve as much energy as possible is recommended by consumer advocates and utility companies alike. Homes without drafts from leaky doors and windows are also far more comfortable during both heating and cooling seasons. Quality replacement windows and doors, constructed using cutting edge technology, are expected to provide many years of service.

Remodeling professionals suggest considering several factors when deciding which home updates are most important. Windows and doors offer immediate reductions in energy costs and are considered very desirable when a home is sold. Siding upgrades significantly improve curb appeal and increase property values. New roofing protects the home’s interior from water damage. Local remodeling professionals can help answer questions if prioritizing is needed, and offer free estimates for all services.

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