8 Types of Exterior Doors for Your Home Upgrade

Are you installing a new set of exterior doors? Or maybe you’re remodeling a part of your home? Then adding an exterior door to that space could be just the perfect thing to liven things up. You could also use it as a way to break up the space in an open floor design. Or, try closing off a small section and use that in much the same way as a tiny pantry space where you could store pet food or outdoor gear.

You could pick out a serviceable exterior door, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, you’ll also miss out on a great opportunity to explore what you can do when you treat those exterior doors as a design elements. After all, the right color and style could be enough to make your room come alive.

Before you make a decision though, ample background on door types is necessary. So here’s some basic information from BHG to help you out:


  1. Single acting doors. This is the standard design in most homes, hinged on one side and opens only in one direction.

  2. Double acting doors. These doors open in both directions. Because of the wide access it provides, it’s usually a staple in kitchens and dining areas.

  3. Bi-fold doors. Designed with two panels that can be conveniently kept out of the way and folded to one side, these doors are often great for pantries and closets.

  4. Bypass doors. Panels that move past each other. These work best for closets or tiny spaces where there’s not much room to spare.

  5. Exterior sliding doors. One panel design, with the other panel able to slide in and out of position.

  6. Pocket doors. The door slides right into the wall, so it’s a fine space saver and a better choice than swinging doors that could make an already small space unbearably cramped and tiny.

  7. French doors. These have the popular glass panes and might also come with lights. Often used in pairs, they typically open from the sides. These are a comfortable way to access your patio, deck, or garden.

  8. Patio doors. Sliding doors, with one pane in place while the other one slides and often offers a great view of your deck or patio.

By knowing some of the different types of doors available out there, you’re now in a better position to find what suits you. For a great selection of exterior doors in San Diego, visit US Window and Door.

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