Consider A Rubber Roof For The Next Flat Roofing Project

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Roofing


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A homeowner may have never thought about a Rubber Roof for their home. These roofs are becoming more popular due to their cost and the durability. This type of roof is also known as an EPDM, which stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. It has many more advantages than disadvantages for a roofing material. The most important advantage is the cost. A licensed installer is the only one who can lay this type of roof. It does not use any heat sources, so there is no risk for fire, which makes homeowner insurance company’s very happy.

An entire Rubber Roof costs only a fraction of typical roofing. The product is very lightweight, and the job can be completed very quickly. This dramatically reduces the installation costs that would need to be paid for another type of roofing product. The roof stays in place with the use of the glue. This type of roof is laid in one piece. There’s no need to worry about seams that will leak. If there were any need for a seam, it would be minimal. One of the biggest threats to a roof is the UV rays from the sun. This type of roof cannot be infiltrated by the UV rays and can last for 50 years or more. Another concern for many homeowners is a high wind storm. High winds or hail can destroy a roof. This type of roof can withstand hail three inches in diameter.

Most homeowners are very concerned about a leaking roof. If the rubber on a roof would ever leak, it is very inexpensive to repair the leaking piece of rubber. There are various options such as glue or taping to seal the leak. Only an experienced roofer can determine which is the best way to seal the leak. There is no maintenance with the rubber like there is with other types of roofing. One of the only things a homeowner may want to do is repaint the roof with an acrylic paint every ten years or so. Give this type of roofing consideration for the next roofing job, and feel free to check out website.

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