Your Questions Answered About Armstrong Laminate Flooring In Gaithersburg

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Flooring


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If you’re tired of your current flooring material, and you want to switch to a type that’s durable and cost effective, consider purchasing Armstrong Laminate Flooring in Gaithersburg from an experienced company. Although laminate wood flooring is a popular choice for homeowners who like the look of hardwood floors, this flooring material is also available in various other designs including limestone and slate. The information below addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about laminate flooring.

Q.) Does laminate flooring hold up to high traffic areas in the home?

A.) Laminate is a very durable flooring material that holds up well in high-traffic areas of the home. The way it’s constructed, by bonding four layers of pressed wood together, it’s also very resistant to scratches. This type of flooring won’t fade in direct sunlight, and spills that are cleaned up right away won’t cause any damage to the floor.

Q.) Is the price of a laminate wood floor comparable to the price of a solid hardwood floor?

A.) The cost of laminate flooring material is much less than the cost of solid hardwood. Many homeowners who like the appearance of a hardwood floor choose laminate instead because of the difference in price. During the manufacturing process, a laminate is cut into planks and after installation, it’s hard to tell the difference between a laminate floor and a solid hardwood floor. Other reasons that laminate is often selected over solid hardwood is because it’s easier to clean and maintain.

Q.) Does it take a long time to install a laminate floor and does it have to be installed by a professional?

A.) Installing a laminate wood floor is a quick and simple process, and many homeowners do choose to install the floor themselves. Homeowners who hire a professional company to install the floor will also find that the labor costs are less expensive than the installation of a solid wood floor. Laminate planks lock and fold together, and they can be installed over a sub floor or an existing floor with a hard surface.

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