Why Metal Roofing is Great for Homes

When you think of a building with a metal roof, it’s likely you don’t picture a cozy cottage or a warm home. You probably imagine an industrial warehouse, an airplane hangar or a shed. And that’s fair; for a very long time, metal roofs weren’t really used on homes. All that is changing, however. Metal roofs are fast becoming the most common option chosen for residential homes. This isn’t just because of trends, however; there are a number of very legitimate reasons why residential metal roofing in Ocala area has become the norm, and why you might want to consider it for your own home.

It’s Beautiful
Metal roofs don’t have to be clunky sheets of metal dropped on top of blocky buildings like in an industrial zone. Nowadays, manufacturers are capable of designing all manner of metal roofing. Some, like gorgeous copper roofs, look unique and fantastic just on their own, whereas others can actually be made to look like more traditional forms of roofing, but with the durability benefits of metal.

Low Maintenance
In fact, if you don’t have any direct issues like a hailstorm or a tree falling on the house, a metal roof is actually very low maintenance. There’s really nothing for the homeowner to worry about here, as the roof doesn’t need to be replaced or repaired unless unusually severe weather comes about. And, if there does happen to be some sort of issue, repairing metal roofs is much easier than dealing with more traditional forms, so it is a quicker and cheaper fix if there is a problem.

Energy Efficient
Have you ever noticed how much the rooms upstairs heat up in the summer? This is because heat rises, but it’s also because traditional roofs absorb heat, just like a parking lot does. This heat is trapped within the house, and brings up your energy bill as you try to dispel it with your air conditioning. Metal roofs, on the other hand, reflect that heat away from your home, allowing you to stay cool more easily.

It Lasts
This is really the biggest advantage of all when it comes to having metal roofs. Metal roofs are extremely durable. They will not rot or be eaten by termites. They will not fall apart and require replacement, and they are fire-resistant. When you get a metal roof, you will likely be getting it for life. Call 1st Coast Metal Roofing today when you are considering a new roof for your home.

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