Entry Doors in South Jersey Come in Many Materials-Learn the Benefits of Each

Entry Doors in South Jersey may be purchased in a variety of materials. Homeowners need to know the benefit and drawbacks of each material before making a purchase to ensure they get the right door for their needs. Following is an overview of the different types of doors available today.


Choose a wood entry door and customize it to meet the needs of the residence. Different shapes, styles, and sizes may be selected and all can be personalized with accessories, such as transoms or glass accents. Wood, however, often warps over time, which can affect the air-sealing capabilities of the door. As a result, the door may need to be replaced more frequently than doors made from steel or fiber glass.


When it comes to security, nothing beats steel. These doors feature a center made from insulated foam, and the foam is enclosed on either side with a steel panel. In addition to providing extra security, this type of door prevents cold winds from making their way into the home. The major drawback to this type of door is repairs can be difficult, especially when it comes to dents. The door may need to be replaced if it gets a dent due to this feature.


Some homeowners now opt for a door made completely from glass, as they wish to have an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Furthermore, the door lets more natural light into the home. Obviously, these features also mean the occupants of the home have less privacy and cold air may make its way into the home with little difficulty. For this reason, some people choose another type of entry door and combine it with glass sidelights or something of this nature.

Fiber glass

Individuals who like the look of wood but wish to avoid the drawbacks associated with this type of door may wish to consider Fiber Glass Entry Doors in South Jersey. They can be stained or painted like wood but are more durable. Furthermore, they feature an insulated core, which can help with energy bills, although they do cost slightly more than their wood counterparts at the time of purchase. This money tends to be recouped in energy savings.

To learn more, visit Steel Doors Inc. Here you can gather more information about each type of door and browse the available options. With many doors to choose from, one is sure to be right for your home.

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