Why is it Important to Seek Regular Air Conditioning Service?

To put things in perspective regarding air conditioner maintenance, you should be aware that yearly maintenance is required to keep things running correctly. By having a proper maintenance plan in effect, your air conditioner is likely to work more economically and for a longer period of time than one that doesn’t see regular air conditioning service. Just a few quick maintenance procedures can ensure your air conditioner keeps you comfortable for years into the future.

The air conditioner is a system that actually consumes a large amount of power, which also means that it has a major effect on what your power bill looks like each month. An air conditioner can lose around 5% of its efficiency each year, assuming no professional maintenance is done. By having that done each year, you’ll find that your utility costs will go down.

Some of the most common health risks that are related to air quality can also be removed or reduced by having regular air conditioning service done. This means less bugs in the house. It also means there are fewer allergens in the home to make people feel unwell. This is crucial to be aware of, especially if anyone in your home has a history of allergies.

When a professional inspects your air conditioner, they actually look at a number of things you may not be aware of. The technician will be looking at your refrigerant level to be sure you have proper amounts to bring air to the temperature needs. This is important because having a loss of coolant can actually cause an increase in utility bills, as well as additional wear on the air conditioning system.

Other things a technician will check for are air flow, electrical reading, level of lubrication, thermostat adjustment, fan motors, air filters, fan belts, fan relay, and condenser air flow. Each of these items is important to keep at the proper level and in correct working order to ensure no major problems happen to your AC.

Temperature Pro in Chicago IL is happy to offer maintenance and inspections of air conditioners and furnaces. We’re also happy to make repairs or install new systems for your home. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are there to ensure you are cool and happy when the summer comes on. To ask us any questions, simply call 708-479-HEAT.

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