When do you call the Emergency Plumbers?

by | May 22, 2012 | Plumbing


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Plumbers are the persons to call if you have a blocked drain or other plumbing emergency. Blocked drains can happen anytime. Blocked drains can cause flooding, foul odors and power outages. Blockages are often caused by the carelessness of the home owner or other family members. Disposing sanitary products, disposable diapers and tissues down the toilet can bring blockages that are difficult to get rid of.

Do not dispose of food waste and other materials down the kitchen sink. You need to keep the garbage disposal clean and free from debris. The best way to use of kitchen waste in a profitable way is to compost it. The home owner should avoid disposing of grease and oil down the kitchen sink. Cooking fats solidify as soon as they come in contact with cold water. A major cause of blockages from kitchen sinks is grease and fat. Pouring hot water and detergent down the sink along with cooking fat can prevent the fat from solidifying.

Hair and soap residue can block your bathroom sinks quite easily. Removing hair and other residues from the sink can prevent blockages. Toilet clogs are difficult to flush out. The usual culprits for blockages in the commode can be sanitary napkins, face tissues that do not dissolve, baby nappies and other objects. A backed up toilet is a home owner’s nightmare. Before calling in plumbers, you can try to dislodge the blockage yourself if you have a plunger, auger or a plumbers snake. When using a plunger, suction force is used to attempt to dislodge a blockage. A toilet auger can also be used to loosen any blockage in the toilet pipe. A snake is specially designed to enter the narrow pipelines and remove blockages. If all attempts by the homeowner fail, it is time to hire emergency plumbers to remove the blockage.

Chemicals can be used to clean out blocked drains, but these can be corrosive in nature. Many people prefer to avoid strong chemicals and caustics that can actually harm the fixtures. One of the reasons for drain blockages is narrowing of the pipelines from accumulated residues and debris. The pipelines can also be constricted by intrusion from tree roots. Such blockages cannot be cleared by regular methods. Your plumbing professionals can detect the location of the blockage using video inspection techniques. Such major blockages can be flushed out by hydro jetting. Broken pipelines can be repaired by trench-less technology if suggested by the plumbers. Fairfax, VA residents can find qualified professionals in the area offering high quality services and emergency repairs.

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emergency plumbers

emergency plumbers

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