What You Should Consider Before Buying New Windows in Colorado Springs

by | May 3, 2018 | Window


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New window frames improve curb appeal, help conserve energy, and may even increase the value of your home. Before you install a new window, there are several details to consider. Find out if you should replace or repair your old window frames.

Window Repair May Save You Money

You should first consider the condition of your current windows in Colorado Springs. If you notice a draft from the frame or a crack in the glass, window repair may provide a more affordable renovation.

The professionals at Peakview Windows and Siding can assess your home and help determine if repair is an effective solution. Repairing a window may save time and money.

New Window Installation Helps Transform Your Home

If repair is not an option, the installation of new windows allows you to give your home a makeover. Transform the appearance of your home with a different window style or material. Use this opportunity to change the exterior appearance of your property.

The most common materials include vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. Vinyl is affordable while fiberglass is very durable. Work with an installation professional to discuss the benefits of each material.

Replacing Your Windows Helps Conserve Energy

Modern technology has resulted in newer window designs with better energy savings. Your new window frames are likely to last longer and provide more insulation. The right choice may help lower your energy bills.

If insulation is important, look for double-pane windows. You may even be eligible for a tax credit by replacing all window frames with energy-efficient designs.

Whether you choose window replacement or repair, dealing with a drafty or damaged window helps prevent heat loss during the winter and keeps the heat out during the summer. To ensure proper installation and better energy savings, work with a professional to select and install your new window frames.

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