What Not To Do When You’ve Locked Yourself Out

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Security


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Getting locked out of your home, car, or business in Orange County can quickly make your day and mood go sour. Some people get so frustrated that they can’t even think properly about what they need to do. In stressful situations like that, it’s important to remember that there are appropriate things to do, and then things that are not so great to do. One good idea can be to call a locksmith in Orange County right away. In fact, this probably ought to be the first thing that you do. Here are some things that you should not do when you’re locked out.

If you’ve locked yourself out of your home, do not try to break down your door in order to get in. You might not only damage the door, but also the doorframe and the lock. In other words, when it comes time to pay for the repairs, paying for a new door, door frame, and a good lock might cost you more than it would have to just call in a professional to help you out. There shouldn’t be any need to break down your door to get in unless it’s an absolute emergency where someone’s life is in danger. Even then, make sure you call for help first.

Just as you shouldn’t damage you doors, don’t break a window just to get into your home, either. Having a locksmith in Orange County come help you out will definitely be a smaller bill than having to replace a window or more. You can also seriously injure yourself by breaking glass, so this is not a good idea. The same is true for your automobile. Don’t break your car window just to get to your keys. It will save you a lot of money in repairs and possibly medical bills just to get an automotive locksmith down to help you out.

Also remember that you shouldn’t have to call the police to help you with your lockout. A locksmith should be more than capable of getting you back into your home, business, or car. A simple lockout—as frustrating as it can be—does not necessarily warrant a call to the police.

When you accidentally lock yourself out of your house or car, there are certain things that are appropriate to do and others that are not. You shouldn’t break down your door, break through your car or home window, or call the police unless they are needed. It is appropriate to call on a locksmith in Orange County to help you with your problem


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