Tips on Deciding if an Air Conditioner Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

Tips on Deciding if an Air Conditioner Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

As summer begins to approach, many people will decide to call an Air Conditioner repair company, like Horizon Services, to come out to check the condition of their system. While they may not think anything is wrong with the unit, they may want the technician to check it just to be sure. While this is a good idea and can help prevent issues in the future, sometimes a technician may find a serious issue with the system. When this happens, the homeowner may be faced with the dilemma of deciding whether to repair or replace the entire system.

Air Conditioning systems have a number of different components, which may need replacing. Some are not very expensive and may be worth the investment. However, some components such as the compressor or indoor evaporator coil can be quite costly, so replacing these components may not be wise in some situations.

One of the most important factors to consider before replacing any part on an Air Conditioner is its age. Most systems are not designed to last approximately 12 years. If the system is nearing this age limit, costly repairs are generally not recommended, as there will most likely be other repair issues developing later on.

It’s also a good idea to consider how well the unit has been working. As Air Conditioning systems age, they start to have problems with temperature consistency. Some areas will be too warm and others too cold. These issues are difficult to diagnose and repair. If this type of situation is occurring with the system, replacing it may be a wiser option.

If a home-owner is still a bit confused about whether to repair or replace the unit, it may be a good idea to have a system analysis done by an Air Conditioning professional. During this process, the technician will evaluate the size, style load, and other factors about the system and the home. The technician can then make calculations to determine if the current system is the right unit for the home, or if an upgrade would be more cost efficient.

While all Air Conditioning equipment should be checked by a professional once a year, and an HVAC professional should always be called in to deal with major issues or repairs. If you are ready to install or replace an air conditioner our friendly and experienced team of Comfort Specialists know air conditioning systems inside and out. They’ll take the time to study your home, understand your cooling requirements, show you all of your options and assist you with finding the quality home comfort system that best meets your family’s needs and budget.



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