The Plantation Blind Shutters Bradenton, FL Residents Love

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Home Improvement


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By installing Plantation Blind Shutters Bradenton FL residents can appreciate a little taste of the traditional south right in their own homes. These blinds are best known for their use in plantation houses, and differ from the older more traditional designs used in New England primarily due to their size. They are typically much thicker, which allows more light to get in when they are open. In addition this design feature makes them easier to operate. Opening and closing plantation blinds is simple, and additional practical design features are available to increase the level of control that customers have over the amount of light that enters their rooms.

Dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms can all be complimented by the installation of plantation blinds. If privacy is a concern, they can be installed with the possibility of adjusting the lower and upper halves separately. Also available are more intricate designs that allow for closing of even smaller parts of the window from view while still providing the benefit of additional sunlight.

The larger blinds and the general construction of plantation shutters also makes them durable. So be sure to consider questions of style and pratical needs before purchase. These blinds can be expected to last. And be sure to check out what kind of wood is used. Blinds made out of pine are actually significantly less long lasting than their oak or maple counterparts. But there are blinds available to fit just about any budget. More elaborate features such as bifolds and tension screws can increase their ease of use, but in necessary cases may be sacrificed for the sake of meeting a fixed budget. The plantation blind shutters in Bradenton, FL appreciate do not have to be expensive.

Don’t sacrifice privacy or the aesthetic benefits of natural sunlight. Homeowners can have it all with these blinds. Anyone interested can visit Blinds & Designs to find out more about plantation shutters and other varieties of window accents available to increase a home’s visual appeal and help protect its inhabitants from the sometimes extreme Florida sun. Why not lend the kitchen a little bit of Southern charm with something as simple as changing the blinds?

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